Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby Comes to Nagoya

On March 4, 2018 (Sun) a large crowd came out to participate and/or watch the first annual Pinewood Derby to take place in Nagoya, Japan.

Cezars’ own Shooters Sports Bar & Grill and Japan Mobility recently co-sponsored the Pinewood Derby by purchasing the track and prizes for the event.

Japan Mobility is also the sponsor for the Boys Scouts and Cub Scouts in Nagoya.

Pinewood Derby in Nagoya

While participation was only open to Nagoya Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, many people came watch, make friends, and cheer for their favorite cars!

Pinewood Derby poster Pinewood Derby Cars

Stay tuned as we plan to make this fantastic event an annual tradition right here in Central Japan.

The pinewood derby is a racing event. [Boy and Girl] Scouts, with the help of parents, build their own cars from wood, usually from kits containing a block of pine, plastic wheels, and metal axles.
The Scout is given a block of wood made of pine, four plastic wheels, and four nails. The finished car must use all nine pieces, must not exceed a certain weight, width and length, and must fit on the track used by that particular scout pack. The Cub Scout is able to carve and decorate the car as he chooses.