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Cezars Supports Chubu Children’s Fund

Cezars International Group is a proud supporter of the Chubu Children Fund, and recently took part in the distribution of its annual scholarship program. Five scholarships of ¥250,000 each were awarded to a group of exceptional, young adults who have recently graduated high school and will go on to higher education.

About Chubu Children’s Fund

The Chubu Children’s Fund (CCF) was established by the ACCJ Chubu Chapter to raise funds that will empower, educate and inspire underprivileged children residing in the Central Japan region. The fund will focus its energy on those in children’s homes and in situations where they may not have the opportunities to be nurtured in order to realize their dreams. The CCF will be used to facilitate meaningful and ongoing relationships with members of the international community to enrich & enable children through hands-on learning, professional development, and the utilization of current technologies to discover and live to their fullest potential. We want to give all children in Chubu the opportunities that we have had to grow!

The Chubu Children’s Fund is supported by the Chubu Walkathon. Follow their website to learn more about Chubu Children’s Fund as the program develops further.